My name is Setareh. I am a graphic designer and the founder of * Lozi Graphic Design studio. Lozi Graphic Design is a graphic design studio, located in Paris.

I would like to share my story with you, but what is your story? Did you follow the dream of your life?

I believe that every person can be the hero in their life if they face their fear, smile and continue...

In 2008 I decided to change my life, so I stopped working while I was a university professor. I left my country (Iran) because I had a big dream. I wanted to visit and discover the world! India was my privilege destination, so I went there for a week but guess what??? I stayed in India for almost 7 years!


New country, new language, new culture. Therefore a lot of challenge. After 2 years I was accepted at the University of Delhi for a Ph.D. in Fine Arts. During the 5 years of study, I had the chance to meet many people, read a lot of books, traveled and worked with many international companies. So, I started thinking about the influence of culture on advertising.


In 2015, I arrived in France, dreamy land of art and culture. I have always dreamed of having my own graphics studio. After studying French language and culture, I opened my studio called Lozi Graphic Design. Lozi is the result of many years of work and hope for the better.

There you go! It was my story! There is a reason why I told you that. I believe that the identity of a company is not only its logo, but it is the story, the feeling and the experience behind it.


Lozi graphic design studio

I'm sure you have a story to meet, and I cannot wait to hear it.


Contact me! We can share our experience, and I can personalize your visual identity based on your story because I am a specialist in the creation of visual identity for the company.


The last word; Make your life a dream and be the hero of your life!

See you soon
* Lozi (in Persian) - a rhombus