We are not selling a service graphic,

we are creating a visual solution.

Discover our effective graphic design solutions for your business.

Our mission

Our service improve and boost your business

We apply our artistic knowledge in visual solutions to personalise and represent your business. We offer the following services:



Logo, Charte Graphique, Brochure, flyer, Business card, ...

Identité visuelle

 Kit Graphic

Site web

Web site, Training

Do you have a gallery?

Increase your visibility and the engagement of your collectors with the latest marketing method and a powerful visual identity.

We propose different

GRAPHIC SERVICES for galleries

Do you want to develop your business successfully and be more visible

on the market and social medias?


At the heart of every company, every startup, every enterprise is a vision, a dream of how it wants to be seen and recognized in the world. An important part of that dream is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition); i.e. what makes this company different/better than all others in its niche?

The graphic design is an interpretation of the USP, giving visual expression to the unique image and brand that tells the story of the company. This the method of Lozi Graphic Design for presenting your business.



We have 2 solutions for you:




1Kit Graphic



Lozi Graphic Design offers 3 kits to start or grow your business.


We will create a unique visual identity for your business that represents the history, message and values of your company.


The advantage of these kits is that you receive several examples that you can have modified according to the initial choice and thus enjoy a color palette and typography (Graphic Chart) as a gift.


Choose the kit you convenient and contact us now



2Social media kit



An image is worth a thousand words. We are able to convey your sale message to your target audience, with a creative graphic design to promote your business on social media.

Lozi Graphic Design offers a social media kit that includes: 3 Ads (advertising campaign) according to your goal and marketing strategy.


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Companies who can most benefit from these services are those in International companies, Cultural centres, startups, business products and servicemen (B2B selling), Marketing and advertising, Business developer, Accounters, software and tech, Fintech, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
le kit graphique




  • Logo

  • Business cards

  • Letterhead

  • Envelope

  • Web site

  • Flyer | Brochure

  • Social Media Banner

  • Logo

  • Business cards

  • Letterhead

  • Envelope

  • Web site

  • Logo

  • Business cards

  • Web site

Each plan includes:




Color palette

Service graphique-Logo-Identité visuelle

Who is Lozi Graphic Design?

LOZI Graphic Design is a graphic design studio, located in France. We are passionate about design and we are specialists in the creation of Visual Identity. Our goal is to represent your business while remaining in an original and creative perspective.

Setareh Feylizadeh is a graphic designer and the founder of LOZI Graphic Design. She has a story that she would like to share with you ...